Here is why you should look ahead to the Med: The ultimate summer yacht charter destination

As one of the world’s most popular sailing destinations, the Mediterranean is the perfect region to indulge in the ultimate private yacht charter. Characterized by rich azure waters, warm sunshine and a stunning coastline, it is easy to see the obvious appeal. There is most certainly no better way to explore than from the water but knowing where to start can sometimes be tricky.

Timing is everything in the Mediterranean
The home of European cruising, the Mediterranean is dotted with hundreds of marinas, ports and islands. The delights of Croatia, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Spain and France mean that yacht owners and charterers are spoiled for choice when planning a summer itinerary. Timing is everything and the starting point for planning a luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean is deciding when you want to go. With a season running from April to October, there are a number of factors that come into consideration, such as prevailing weather, availability and pricing. When you select to take a break also has bearing on where best suits you and where your favored style of yacht operates, whether in the glittering west or the mystical east.

With coastal areas in full swing, fabulous sunshine and warm waters, the core summer months are ideal for a private yacht charter in the Mediterranean, when visitors can take full advantage of bustling markets, vibrant festivals and atmospheric restaurants operating in their element. However, outside this prime time, the low season summer months have a lot to offer too.

Early summer delights on the West Mediterranean coastline
From April through to June, setting sail during spring will avoid most crowds and is often a good idea for those seeking a more tranquil vacation experience. With the weather starting to warm up, comfortable sea swimming temperatures and pleasant nights, it can be a great time to explore westerly regions such as the Balearics, Italy and Sardinia. Early May offers the opportunity to experience the Fiera di u Casgiu, celebrating Corsican cheese, while those with a sweet tooth may prefer to enjoy the Nougat Festival in Sardinia.

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Lively summer festivals are family favorites
July and August are by far the busiest months, taking into account school holidays and often seasonal shutdowns observed by European companies. Therefore, when travelling as a family with children, this is the most convenient time and offers great weather across the Med, long hours of daylight and summer celebrations well underway. Experience the lively Summer Festival in Dubrovnik, watch Bastille Day fireworks from your yacht on the Riviera or make way to Venice for Festa del Redentore where decorated boats gather in unison. In addition to the Italian coast, Croatia and the Ionian isles are full of life and perfect to enjoy a multi-generational yacht charter.

The Indian summer brings a new light to these destinations
Look to catch the last of the summer sun from September to October, when the climate is still warm. There is often a light breeze which is great for sailing and a wider choice of anchorages prevail with tourist numbers reduced. In Mallorca, join the Festa des Vermada at the end of September to celebrate the grape harvest, while Sicily offers the chance to taste the delicious first olive oils of the season together with porcini mushrooms. Later on through the summer season, the best conditions are found further south and east, with the Greek islands and the turquoise coast of Turkey being particularly popular choices. Yachts make way to Fira to soak up the vibe at the International Jazz Festival or travel to Patara Beach in Kalkan to enjoy the calm atmosphere.

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Enjoy the luxury of bespoke experiences
Once timing for your private yacht charter in the Mediterranean is established, pinpointing the destination is crucial to suit your style of vacation. Dip your toes in Croatia’s colorful culture, island hop through the turquoise waters of the Greek islands and soak up glitz and glamour along the French Riviera – each charter location boasts its own unique charms. Whether you seek quiet anchorages and picturesque fishing villages or vibrant nightlife and action-packed adventure, the Mediterranean is a melting pot of opportunity. A yacht charter itinerary tailored to your exact requirements will undoubtedly deliver an incredible way to maximize precious time whilst making special memories in luxury.

Food aficionados will not be disappointed with endless mouth-watering experiences on offer to tantalize taste buds from east to west. Cuisine across the Mediterranean landscape is diverse, flavorsome and unanimously delicious, served with a large helping of local enthusiasm. Affording the chance to visit an assortment of stops in your itinerary, pair these with restaurants, vineyards and artisan eateries for a truly authentic experience. Additionally, your dedicated onboard chef will be delighted to use a range of freshly sourced local ingredients to produce sensational dishes entirely to your tastes.

Culture, adventure and glamour can all be incorporated during a luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean with careful planning by an experienced yachting company. Imagine being pampered by five-star service from a dedicated crew, waking up to a new view every day and making the most of local, seasonal attractions – a superyacht escape is simply the ultimate vacation opportunity for friends and family to share.

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