If you are a vegetarian you may never get a free flight upgrade

A free upgrade when flying is like the little cherry on the cake that everyone craves for but can be gobbled down only by a lucky few. While there are a number of blogs available to help you work your way up a free airline upgrade, your grand dreams of flying business class may soon come crashing down if you’re a vegetarian. Yes, you heard us right. Apart from the million vitamin deficiencies, being vegetarian or a vegan can now put you at loss in the chase for the much sought for airline upgrades.

The author of this brilliantly bizarre theory is Nik Loukas, a former Qantas flight attendant and who opines that special meal requests are a sure shot hindrance in getting upgraded to a business class seat. According to Nik, ““If there’s a special meal request in your booking, the airline won’t even look at you (for an upgrade). Because you’ve got a dietary requirement, and they might not be able to cater for you if they upgrade you.” However, before you consider turning into a meat bolter for that free pass, here’s some insight that rubbishes Loukas’s theory as a whole.

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As per a Qantas official, “This is untrue and the type of meal our customer’s order has no bearing on their ability to be upgraded. If the upgrade is awarded, the special meal request will be provided in their new cabin.” This was further backed up by a Virgin Atlantic spokeswoman who stated, ““Dietary requirements have no impact on upgrades. If a customer orders a special dietary meal, we can serve it in any different cabin.” In either case, we recommend you to stick to your diet and rather purchase a business class seat than waiting for that fluke upgrade.

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