Virgin Atlantic debuts airline onesies for adults. In-flight slumber party!

“The new Virgin Atlantic onesie is comfortable yet stylish – the perfect combination for long haul travel,” said British model, Amber Le Bon. Yep, that’s right. After live in-flight entertainment, Virgin Atlantic now has chic onesies on-board. So that takes care of your amusement AND sleep woes.

Collaborating with Norwegian designers OnePiece, Richard Branson’s almost always-in-the-news airline is upping the ante on their existing sleep suit (basically a pair of sweat pants). What did I just say, huh? As for Le Bon, daughter of Duran Duran front man Simon Le Bon and model for the new apparel that comes out for “upper class” passengers, mid-June, she can be heard saying, “as someone who travels a lot I know how important it is to feel comfortable when heading to the skies.” We couldn’t agree more.

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Not only do they seem comfortable, in black with “sleepy head” etched on the back, they also look cute. Only 1,000 passengers traveling on select night flights on Virgin’s long-haul network will get to try and take home the cutesies, however. So while Branson is calling it the “first ever airline onesie”, we’re sure hoping we can snag one for us.

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[Virgin-Atlantic Via USA-Today]

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