Something straight out of the Tom Cruise starrer Minority Report – This is what travelling in the 600 mph Virgin Hyperloop would look like

We may be living a travel-restricted life right now, but the future of travel is certainly shaping up to look path-breaking. With Virgin Hyperloop taking phenomenal shape, it looks like we may be traveling to the future sooner than later. Virgin Hyperloop successfully conducted the first human trial after 400 unmanned tests at a speed of 107 mph at the Virgin Hyperloop’s DevLoop test site in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 8, 2020. This fully autonomous, quiet, direct-to-destination, the linear electric motor can drift silently for miles at speeds up to 760 mph with little to no turbulence. Instead of talking about its pluses, Virgin Hyperloop has released a concept video that takes the viewer through the Hyperloop journey, from arriving at the portal to boarding the pod. We have picked the best parts for your perusal below. Take a sneak peek at the future of travel right here:

The Hyperloop portal is the amalgamation of several experts, like portal design, which Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), pod designs by Teague. The stunning video and animation credits go to SeeThree to create a successful multi-sensory passenger experience.

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The state-of-the-art transportation system will revolutionize the way we move around the world. These portals promote intelligent transportation in a safer, cleaner, easier, and faster way than airlines.

The windowless pods look extremely inviting with spacious cabin areas, stylish decor, and a well-lit interior. The cabins will comfortably seat up to 27 passengers.

The design elements spotted are impressive with clean lines, special attention to ergonomics, and dedicated spaces to accommodate the specially-abled.

The virgin hyperloop wants this new form of transportation to expand travel opportunities for the masses, and fares have been decided accordingly. They won’t be costing anything like air travel but will cost akin to road trips.

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Virgin Hyperloop will make daily high-speed travel feasible for common folks. According to Jay Walder, CEO of Virgin Hyperloop, ‘Daily high-speed transport is currently not feasible for most people, but we want to change that notion. Imagine being able to commute between cities that are currently hours apart in minutes – and the endless possibilities that open up.’

Director of Passenger Experience Sara Luchian said in a statement. “Hyperloop technology—and what it enables—is paradigm-shifting. It follows that the passenger experience should be nothing short of extraordinary.”

It is only a matter of time, and soon you will be able to travel in the new mode of travel at supersonic speed by 2030.

[Via: Designboom]

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