Virgin launches seats that encourage in-flight flirting

Virgin Airlines takes in-flight entertainment to another level as it gives passengers a chance to romance in the air with its newly launched seat-back system. If you ask me, a nuisance allows you to locate the object of your affection via a digital seat map and send a drink over to them. After selecting your drink and paying with their card, a flight attendant then delivers the drink direct to the passenger’s seat. They can continue this exchange with the chat-up line sent through the seat-to-seat messaging system. The conversation could end up in dinner, all – without unfastening your seatbelt.

This new in-flight gimmick by the airline was unveiled with a video titled ‘Sir Richard Branson’s Guide to Getting Lucky at 35,000 feet.” Billionaire Richard Branson’s service gives passenger a chance to fly and not fall while entertaining themselves at 30,000 feet.

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[Via – Dailymail]

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