Virgin Atlantic to provide the first in-flight mobile service in air in Britain

Virgin Atlantic is soaring high with the introduction of its new Upper Class suite on Airbus A330 planes. Raise a toast with Richard Branson-shaped ice cubes to Virgin Atlantic being the first airline in Britain to offer full mobile access in the air. Earlier, we did mention that the Upper-Class suite is equipped with an AeroMobile system that allows passengers to make and receive cell phone calls on the flight. But today we have more details about it. Along with making calls, fliers will also be able to access the web and send text messages when the service is available. The A330’s London to New York route will be the first to feature this service, followed by other 17 planes on at least ten routes by the year-end. And such a high-flying connectivity service will not come at sky-rocketing prices as it will cost the same as normal roaming charges that exist on land.

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Due to limited bandwidth, only a small number of lines will be available simultaneously, along with only basic web access using the GPRS service. However, no devices will be allowed during take-off and landing for security reasons and will have to be switched off around 250 miles from US airspace.

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