Inside a fancy Chinese wormhole library that looks more like Tony Stark’s home

Inspiration can be found in the oddest of things and an example of that is a ‘Wormhole Library’ – all set to be constructed in China’s Hainan province. Designed by the famed MAD architects, the property is inspired by the idea of a wormhole that ‘transcends space and time’ and provides an ideal recreational spot for visitors.

Located in Haikou, the capital of Hainan province, the curved structure overlooks the stunning South China Sea and sits beautifully perched in Century Park along the Haikou Bay coastline. It is predominantly built using white concrete and features holes of varying sizes that allow the flow of air and natural light inside. The library is cast using both a CNC and 3D printed model.

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Its interiors, just as lush, consists of a 7,430-square-foot reading space that can store 10,000 books, a café and a terrace; and a 3,230-square-foot public rest area complete with a bicycle parking system, public bathrooms, and shower areas.

In addition to this, the structure consists of Curved sliding doors and retractable glass curtain walls for ventilation along with a partly cantilevered roof for achieving optimum temperatures and energy-saving.

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The ‘Wormhole Library’ will serve as a multi-purpose building and allow visitors to read, enjoy views of the sea, and attend open-air performances in a comfortable yet quirky atmosphere. It is currently under construction and is expected to open doors in 2021.

Want to enter a fancy wormhole for some downtime?

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