Just to avoid paying excess airline baggage fees a group of four Chinese businessmen ate a whopping 30 kgs of oranges (in under 30 mins)

Nobody likes to pay for excess luggage even if it is only a couple of dollars! And while wearing two layers of clothes seems reasonable, gobbling up 30kgs of oranges to beat the extra fee certainly doesn’t! However, indulging in the latter was a group of four Chinese travelers who were on a business trip to Kunming.

The four bought the fruit in bulk and intended to carry it back home. However, on being told that they would need to pay added shipping fees (for the oranges weighing 30kgs), the gentlemen decided to eat them instead of discarding them. It took only under 30 mins to finish eating all the pieces!

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Given that a large orange weighs around 184g, they are anticipated to have eaten close to 160 oranges in one go. This comes to around 40 oranges per person. While the fruit is certainly not as heavy on the stomach as say, mangoes, gobbling them down right before a flight may still be completely wise!

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Commenting on it, one of the four gentlemen named Wang stated, “We just stood there and ate the whole thing up. It took about 20-30 minutes,” he further added, “We never want to have any oranges again.” All said, the bewildering act saved the group $46 and provided them with a good dose of Vitamin C! No harm done after all!

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