Jaguar Land Rover sues Chinese manufacturer for ripping off the Evoque

In what could be the first in a ritual of lawsuits, Jaguar Land Rover has to sue Jiangling Motors to copy the Range Rover Evoque design. The latter’s Landwind X7 was shown off at last year’s Shanghai Auto Show and has since troubled JLR loyalists as much as it has the brand. The only differentiator a trained eye may see is the grille and, of course, the missing Land Rover logo up front. As with most Chinese products, this one retails for one third the price of the JLR Evoque.

The British automaker has stated that an ongoing proceeding has already ensued in Chaoyang district in Beijing. Jiangling Motors is being charged for “actions surrounding copyright and unfair competition relating to this matter.” Jiangling has also recently secured inroads into the Brazilian market and is looking the ship the car there, which may have truly raised the bar of caution at the JLR camp.
The Evoque has been on sale in China even before the announcement of the Landwind X7, which may give the British brand some leverage in the matter. Who successful may they be? The last time an automaker took such a drastic move to protect originality was when Honda fought a twelve-year battle to win a $2.43 million compensation against a Chinese manufacturer that aped the CR-V. Brands often refrain from taking on local imitators as it may take a serious toll on the brand repute.
Other than SUVs we have seen copies of supercars such as the Pagani Huayra Roadster and a very weak imitation of a Lamborghini, way back in 2010.

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