La Compagnie, an all-business-class boutique airline to fly between Paris and New York City

In what seems to be a mash up of a Boeing 757-200 and a private jet, French company, La Compagnie has announced the launch of an all-business-class carrier. So, come July discerning business travellers can look forward to four to five weekly flights, from Paris to New York City.

Starting with a sole aircraft, La Compagnie will feature 74 angled-flat seats in a 2 x 2 configuration, “stylishly-dressed” flight attendants and Caudalie amenities. Charming? Well, how about this then? No lie-flat seats. Which is kind of outdated, considering not just fully flat beds but also the first class shower spas and an exclusive wine list on the Emirates A380.

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The advantage here though is that prices start around $1,600. And that though they can go upwards of $4,600, one would be more than willing to go on-board, given that passengers receive free in-flight wi-fi, meals created by French Michelin-starred chef Christophe Langree, and Samsung tablets loaded with in-flight entertainment.

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“Those who fly business class look for service at a reasonable, affordable price, especially after a long period of consolidation in the aviation industry and the skyrocketing airfares that are offered,” added former Jet Airways COO Peter Luethi, who is now part-creator of the airline that will fly between Charles de Gaulle Airport and Newark International. Ticket sales are expected to start later this month. And a second Boeing jet might join in, in December.

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