As part of its ‘Blue Friday’ sale. this business class only French airline is offering tickets to Europe for just $2,000

Via Facebook / @La Compagnie

Traveling to Europe is a dream for many! However, the expensive flights to get there can be a bummer. Ensuring otherwise though is French airline La Compagnie that is offering business class tickets to the country for merely $2000. Yes, that’s right! As part of its Blue Friday Sale, which is taking place from November 18 to November 22, the airline is offering a roundtrip business class fare for a flat rate of $2,000 from New York for trips scheduled between December 1 to October 31, 2023.

Commenting on it, La Compagnie President Christian Vernet in a statement to Travel + Leisure said, “A playful nod to our baby blue fleet, Blue Friday is an opportunity for us to further attract travelers who want to fly in premium style but not pay premium prices. This year travelers can take their pick between two of the most notable European cities—Paris and Milan—and enjoy uncompromised service at the most attractive fare.”

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Via Facebook / @La Compagnie

Travelers will get to travel on La Compagnie’s 100 percent all-business-class Airbus A321neo and enjoy fully flat-out seats along with free entertainment, gourmet meals, and an unlimited supply of bubbly of course. Further, they can also use the VIP lounge at the Newark airport before flying out. Now, this sounds like a deal, doesn’t it?

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