Personalized in-flight announcements included – Norwegian businessman gets the private jet treatment as he is the only passenger on a 336 seat Etihad Boeing 787-Dreamliner.

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Traveling solo has earned a new meaning as Alexander Svanevik, a Norwegian businessman, was the sole traveler on an Etihad service from Abu Dhabi to Singapore on September 28. Svanevik is the founder of blockchain analytics company Nansen and one of the rare people on the planet who get an unthinkable-upgrade-of-sorts! Being the only passenger aboard an Etihad Airways Boeing 787-9, he got an experience that even flying business class wouldn’t match up to. The widebody aircraft configured for 336 passengers served as a massive private jet for Alexander Svanevik on a 7-hour flight.

The naturally ecstatic man shared this surreal experience with the rest of the world through a video that captured the empty business class cabin. In the background, you can hear announcements being made directly to him, “Mr. Alexander,” as there is no one else to address. He was warmly welcomed personally by the crew when the plane touched down at Changi airport. A flight attendant can be heard saying, “Good morning Mr. Alexander and welcome to Singapore.” Talk about being at the right place, at the right time; Svanevik indeed pressed the book flight button at an auspicious moment. He described the experience as “100 percent true and 120 percent surreal.”

The well-traveled man apprehended the rarity of the occurrence. He stated, “I’ve flown alone in first class many times, for instance flying Singapore Airlines from Singapore to Paris, Thai Airways from Bangkok to Tokyo, and ANA from Chicago to Tokyo. But I’ve never had an entire widebody aircraft to myself – the closest I came to that was January 1, 2000 (“Y2K”) on a United Los Angeles – Washington Dulles flight, with a near-empty Boeing 777.”

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Luck has favored the frequent flyer with an experience no posh business class cabin will ever match. It seems unlikely this will happen to us, but Lufthansa’s new Sleeper’s Row comes close by providing the chance to utilize empty seats and make a flatbed.

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