Lufthansa’s new Sleeper’s Row is the next best thing to business class with three seats to snooze, pillows, blankets, and more on long-haul flights

Have you heard the phrase, beating two birds with one stone? Lufthansa, the largest German airline, is doing something similar with the launch of their new ‘Sleeper’s Row.’ With Covid-restrictions and travel-bans, there are several empty seats on an aircraft. Lufthansa has devised a branded Sleeper’s Row seating product that will utilize these empty seats to make a flatbed for an additional charge and get brownie points on customer care. Basically, what some of you shamelessly did on spotting an empty row during long-haul flights, now has a name and an additional charge, all thanks to Lufthansa.

The airline’s new “Sleeper’s Row” option is available from August 2nd onwards for flights that last 11 hours or longer. According to a press release from the airline, “This offer comes with a comfortable pillow, blanket, and mattress topper of Business Class quality, allowing passengers to fully relax while onboard before reaching their final destination.” Its availability will be on a first-come, first-served basis, with only three of these luxe seating arrangements on each flight. The Sleeper’s Row booking option would cover destinations such as the US West Coast, Central, and South America, South Africa, or the Far East for a cost of $189 to $271 roughly.

Advanced bookings are not available for obvious reasons, but this truly is the next best thing to business class and, if you get lucky to find a spot on an essentially uncongested flight. Lufthansa says, “We tested the Sleeper’s Row on the Frankfurt-Sao Paulo-Frankfurt route over a period of several weeks at the end of last year. The offer received much positive feedback, and it was in high demand.”

Lufthansa’s new business class with bigger lie-flat seats, wireless charging, Android tablets, and a lot more seemed extremely promising. Still, the sleeper row idea is a win-win service and indeed the next best thing to flying business class in Economy.

[Via: T&L]

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