This new business class seat can usher us into a new golden age of flying. Your suite in the sky will come with a massive 45-inch curved OLED screen, noise-cancelling speakers built into the headrest, and vibration-reducing technology so you can sip your bubbly even through turbulence

Movie, mania, Maya! Two aviation companies, Collins Aerospace and Panasonic Avionics, have created the Maya concept to cater to the next generation of tech-savvy passengers. Entertainment is a big part of our daily lives, and the Maya concept elevates the onboard experience manifold, resulting in enhanced airline loyalty, passenger satisfaction, and profitability. The magic is spun via a giant screen in the business class suite that enables an unmatched cinematic experience 30,000 feet in the air.

Unveiled at the 2024 Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany, the suite is a new-age marvel that aligns with the passenger’s existing electronic devices through the Adapt controller. From controlling the cabin milieu to adjusting your preferences, everything is possible. “Unprecedented customization and user control provide uniquely personal in-flight experiences—bridging historical gaps in accessibility, enabling multi-dimensional comfort, and facilitating immersive in-flight entertainment,” Collins Aerospace president Ed Dryden said.

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The Astrova Curve screen is 45 inches wide, flaunting an OLED display that is at least three times larger than your average seatback screen. The largest screen is currently spotted in the Emirates First Class, and if made, then the Astrova Curve will steal that position, offering the first CinemaScope (21:9) display in the sky. Panasonic Avionics Corporation’s CEO Ken Sain said: “MAYA is the product of the leading inflight technology provider and the largest airplane seat manufacturer collaborating to create the future of business class for the next generation of tech-savvy passengers. The seamlessly integrated 45” Astrova Curve OLED display is three times larger than typical screens and the first Ultra-Widescreen CinemaScope (21:9) display in the sky – the same screen format in cinemas. Based on seat geometry and viewing angles, MAYA delivers a 50% more immersive viewing experience than sitting in a theater.”

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The Maya suite boasts a sustainable framework by employing plant-based materials along with STARLight™ composite structures. The ergonomic suite will not provide you with a pair of headphones, as noise-canceling speakers built into the headrest ensure a completely enjoyable experience. It is still a concept, but if realized, the seat and the screen won’t remain separate entities and come together for a wholesome entertainment flight.

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