Sindalah, a sea-horse shaped luxury island being built by Saudi crown prince MBS is all set to become the Red Sea’s leading superyacht destination

Neom, from an unbelievable figment of ambition, has turned into a groundbreaking reality. The latest development involves Monaco-based yachting provider BWA Yachting establishing an office at the Red Sea’s long-awaited first ultra-prime superyacht destination, Sindalah. The under-construction smart city is touted to be the ultimate travel destination for anyone on a superyacht. BWA is gearing up to provide unparalleled services to the world’s largest cruisers.

“We are honored and excited to be invited by NEOM to establish our presence within this groundbreaking project,” explained Paschalis Patsiokas, CEO at BWA Yachting. “At BWA Yachting, we are committed to providing world-class services to superyachts visiting Sindalah. We eagerly look forward to creating captivating NEOM itineraries, delivering extraordinary experiences for our clients in this spectacular new destination.”

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Sindalah is expected open in early 2024 and will be the first leg of Saudi Arabia’s national tourism strategy. Sindalah, one of NEOM’s 39 islands, is an oasis of luxury that is not only the hub of a world-class yachting ecosystem with over 5,000 berths but also provides an idyllic lifestyle in a novel and unforgettable setup.

Commenting on the partnership, Antoni Vives, Chief Urban Development and Islands Officer at NEOM, said: “Sindalah will redefine the luxury island experience and become the most sought-after yachting destination in the world, offering six months of winter sun and less than a day’s sail from the ports of the Mediterranean. Working with BWA Yachting will allow us to tap into their expertise and provide the unparalleled yachting ecosystem and elevated experience for which Sindalah will become synonymous. This partnership represents an important step as we invite the world to set sail for Sindalah.”

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The $24 billion project is the brainchild of the Italian superyacht and architecture studio Luca Dini Design and Architecture. The brilliant minds have helmed the 840,000-square-metre island into an exceptional resort and a yacht club destination. In addition to a yacht club, Sindalah will boast three luxury resorts, a spa, 51 luxury shops, 86 piers, 38 restaurants, and a beach club.

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