Not a mansion or a villa but Airbnb is renting out an entire mountain in Montana for a mere $88 a night

If you’re a nature-loving traveler who needs his alone time – how does renting an entire mountain to yourself sound? Well, giving folks a chance to do that is Airbnb with its new listing that allows travelers to experience the true majesty of the Andesite Mountain in Big Sky, Montana in a lone (read lovely) setting.

The stay provides guests an opportunity to explore 5,850 acres of terrain, dive into more than 100 miles of hiking and biking trails and get exclusive access to the summit of Lone Mountain – which can also be accessed via a tram ride.

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It has been brought to the travelers by Airbnb through a partnership with Big Sky Resort in Montana and legendary mountaineer Conrad Anker. The first night of the scheduled stay coincides with the Draconids meteor shower, which guests can view with the help of a telescope from the cabin’s outdoor deck.

Commenting on it, Anker said, “Having lived near and explored Big Sky for nearly 20 years, I’m beyond thrilled to invite guests to experience the magic of Montana and have Andesite Mountain all to themselves.”

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He further added, “From jaw-dropping, scenic views to the thrill that accompanies outdoor adventures, I’ve known for a while that Montana is a special place and can’t wait for guests to make once-in-a-lifetime memories; during their own stay here.”

The one-time stay comprising two nights and three days from the 7th to 9th October can be booked for $88 per night onward 13th May on the Airbnb site. Care to make the wilderness your own?

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