Not just speed, Bullet Trains will now woo passengers with footbaths and bars

It has been five decades when Japan’s Shinkansens or Bullet trains captivated the world with their breathtaking speeds and to the minute punctuality. The operators have made the trains faster and comfortable over the years and have now decided to add a few touches of luxury. Travelers will soon be able to have a rare experience of dipping their tired feet in hot water and get a haircut or a facial while admiring the beautiful Japanese countryside zipping in front of them at 220 miles per hour. The Yamagata Shinkansen Line which runs between Fukushima and Shinjo will feature a car with two hot footubs built on a raised stone platforms so passengers can enjoy the scenery and a lounge car with a bar counter for the passengers to complete the two hour journey in comfort.

Dubbed “Toreiyu” the trains will be painted in green and purple livery depicting the peak of Mount Gassan and Mogami river which it passes through. Drawing further inspiration from its destinations and journey the ceilings and seats have been painted with motifs of cherries which are a specialty of the prefacture. The new service will be pressed into action in July this year. Luxury seekers can also opt for Japan’s seven star cruise train which are more like a Ritz Carlton on wheels.

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[Via – JR East – Japanese]

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