On your next Lufthansa first class transit, you can drive around in a Porsche for 3 hours

Premium German airline –Lufthansa has gained immense popularity for providing some striking services to its clientele- both inflight and on the ground. Continuing their trend, the bespoke airlines recently introduced a service for first-class customers in transit that is bound to make you hop on their aircraft for kicks alone, if not for work. The new facility lets (first-class) flyers in transit drive around their layover destination for 3 hours in a luxurious Porsche! Yes, you heard that right!

The new service rightly termed as “the Porsche – First Class Excitement” can be availed by Hon circle members or First Class flyers. Lufthansa customers can book themselves a classic Porsche 911 or Panamera for two time hauls: The first is a 3-hour rental including 150km, fuel, and insurance, while the second caters to a longer timeframe of the 24-hour rental including 200km and insurance. While the 3-hour drive will cost you €99.10 ($105 USD), the day-long booking is priced for a total of €303.77 ($322 USD). This is still a really good deal for cutting out the long wait in transit and driving around town in a luxury car like the Porsche!

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Once you zero in on the model of choice, you can book your Porsche directly by going onto the airline’s webpage or you can opt for a telephonic booking by dialing the Avis (the brand’s cooperation partner) booking hotline. Moreover, if you aren’t a navigation expert, worry not! The airline has a map of several routes chalked out for you, ensuring that your Porsche maneuver is nothing but smooth! For a layover that lets you explore the German countryside in a luxe Porsche, Lufthansa flyers are surely a bunch of happy fellas!

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