Paris is now home to the worlds largest street mural

Someone rightly said, ‘When it comes to art, it’s important not to hide the madness’. That’s exactly what famous French creative duo Ella & Pitr have done. Their creativity, their art and its madness have led them to create the world’s largest street art mural and it’s inspiring. The mural covers the sprawling space of 25000 square meters on top of a building, so obviously the mural can only be seen from above. It depicts the figure of an elderly grandmother pointing towards a six-lane highway that passes above the building and cuts through the artwork, while above her head on a separate site a red and white plastic bag floats away in the breeze. The mural has been done in an eye-catching cartoon style and incorporates France’s colours – red, white and blue. It has taken a lot of hard work and imagination on their part; the process alone took eight days to complete, with the artist’s working 12-hour days alongside friends and volunteers. First, they drew the main lines using magnetic stones, before painting in the colours in blocks.

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The duo said, “We were inspired by our grandmother Sylvette, who was always concerned with the small things in life. Compared to the artwork, the cars are very small and the people are like ants. The figure is looking at the road, probably thinking that there are a lot of people running everywhere. Things are going too fast for her,” The next time I visit Paris, viewing the Eiffel Tower won’t be the only thing on my mind.

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