It is not the famed Orient Express luxury train but a private jet concept that has three themed lounges to pamper its passengers.

The Explorer lounge.

Traveling in an ordinary private jet has become passé with the unveiling of Camber Aviation Management’s unparalleled World Cruiser concept. Thomas Chatfield from Camber Aviation Management Ltd. and Tim Callies of Callies Gräfe Design have combined their innovative talents to create a Boeing 777-200LR concept that completely redefines private air travel. Their design stands out with three lounges in the forward section and seating at the rear. Initially, travelers are greeted by a spacious lounge, a departure from conventional cramped seating rows.

The library lounge.

Following this is the “Explorer Lounge,” a versatile space for briefings and socializing, accommodating four large groups with its modular seating and movable footstools. The third lounge, dubbed the ‘Library Lounge,’ is smaller and ideal for up to six people, offering a tranquil space with a small bar. Beyond this lounge are six rows of seats, leading to VIP lavatories and another bar.

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“Our clients, primarily affluent individuals in their 50s, seek enjoyable experiences on the jet. The interior reflects this, with warm, timeless materials evoking a cozy café or cigar lounge, yet with a modern twist,” said Tim Callies of Callies Gräfe Design. “We’ve incorporated adaptable design elements, such as switchable picture frames to match destination themes, enhancing passenger experience,” he added.

The explorer lounge.

Attention to detail is evident in features like customizable pillows and a crew rest area integrated into the ceiling. Durable materials like parquet flooring in high-traffic areas and softer carpeting in relaxation spaces offer both aesthetic appeal and practical durability. The interiors, unlike typical airplane designs, exude a cozy living room atmosphere, complete with classic valance-paneled window linings, shelves, and African-influenced ornamentation.

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“We aimed for a balance between traditional and modern elements, drawing inspiration from luxurious passenger trains like the Orient Express and the Royal Scotsman. These century-old inspirations blend seamlessly into our contemporary design, adding a timeless quality,” Callies explained. Large VIP groups, including billionaires, executives, sports teams, and music royalty, can all enjoy this five-star sky service.

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