Marauder GT S Concept Boat in menacing matte black finish is inspired by Mercedes-AMG GT

The long-standing collaboration between Cigarette Racing Team and Mercedes-AMG has spawned quite a few bespoke racing boats that are inspired by the German automaker’s mean-machines. The two have joined forces yet again to launch a new boat inspired by the new Mercedes-AMG GT S sportscar. Named the Marauder GT S Concept Boat, it’s their newest V-Deep boat in the 50-feet category which was introduced yesterday at the Miami International Boot Boat Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The high-performance concept boat is finished in the famous solar beam yellow color offered in Mercedes-Benz AMG models.

mercedes-cigarette-racing-team-6The Marauder GT S Concept Boat is the most powerful production twin engine within the Cigarette portfolio. Whereas the road-going GT S draws its power from a 503hp twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine, the Cigarette Racing Concept gets two Mercury racing engines that allow it to reach speeds of more than 217km/h (135mph), which on water is both impressive and crazy. It measures 50 feet long (about 15 meters) and 8 feet wide (about 2.40 meters) and is made with lightweight materials, which Mercedes says, resulted in weight savings of about 450 kilograms (just under 1,000 pounds) over the standard homologation weight. Despite calling it a concept, Mercedes said that the AMG powerboat is priced at $1.2 million.

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