The SLR Terminator

As we grow older we grow more responsible. If you don’t, your either abnormal or a complete retard. To me, anyone who can crash a sexy Mercedes SLR is a retard (understatement). It makes it a blood-boiling read as you scroll your eyes through an article that has a mangy faced scoundrel with a crooked face and a completely wrecked SLR (that wasn’t his) in the background. Maybe his friend was too wealthy to bother scolding him or maybe he was assured a new SLR after the accident but then there are still doubts as to what on earth must have caused this arrogant look to come upon the face of this idiot.

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The folks at Jalopnik surely don’t like this guy existing in our midst and have named his as the ‘SLR guy’. I’d say that anyone who can crash a hottie like the SLR into a pile of bricks can be nothing sort of the terminator himself! Idiot!

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