Trying to catch on the craze of esports – Mercedes Benz has partnered with Riot Games to create a special ring for the winners of the 2021 League of Legends world championship.

The much-loved Louis Vuitton and League of Legends collaboration have been the talk of the town since September 2019. The capsule collection and prestige skins had a large world population waiting with butt loads of cash in their hands (or a slick credit card in most cases). Riot Games and the automobile giant are back with some uber-cool, glittering, custom-fitted championship rings for the 2021 World Championship winning team. They are made of 18 K white gold by GOOD ART HLYWD with a brilliant custom-cut sapphire jewel that stunningly represents the iconic blue and silver of the Summoner’s Cup.

That’s not all; it comes with markings unique to the 2021 LoL Esports season. It is quite a dazzling way of ensuring all winners have something incredibly memorable to take back home besides the Summoner’s Cup during the Trophy Ceremony presented by Mercedes-Benz. Autoevolution reports, Naz Aletaha, Riot Games Global Head of League of Legends Esports, thoughts on the same, “Championship rings are a storied tradition in sports, synonymous with the highest achievements and unmatched excellence.” She continued, “Since the start of our partnership in 2020, Mercedes-Benz has helped elevate and celebrate the best-of-the-best in LoL Esports, and we are thrilled to bring together our shared love for design and innovation to make a resounding mark on the crowning achievement of our sport.”

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Though crafter by GOOD ART HLYWD, the ring has been painstakingly designed after a year’s work, with efforts from both Riot and Mercedes-Benz to craft it into a unique emblem of the competitive year. Interestingly, 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the first sanctioned League of Legends tournament, which will kick off on November 6th in Reykjavík, Iceland.

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