Cape Town woman transform a Mercedes SL into an office desk and chair

Life today is all about recycling. Major companies are investing millions of dollars to get hold of the used or discarded vehicles, computer, television and music players to recycle them in the best possible manner with out causing any environmental damage. Katie Thompson, from Cape Town, is one such individual, who likes to get hold of discarded object and then convert them into objects that can be re-used in day-to-day life. Her latest project is converting the Mercedes SL’s dash and seat into an office desk and chair.

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The dash is used to make a wonderful office desk with the speed dial converted into a multiple time zone clock. The pedals have been converted to be used as a penholder, air vents as cardholders, and the rear view mirror is used as a desk lamp. If you thought the desk was unique, Thompson has taken the chair and with the help of craftsman and artisans, converted it into a nice sturdy office chair. Can you imagine sitting a Mercedes seat at work? How comfortable would that be?


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