Qantas offers iPad to all fliers aboard Boeing 767 between Sydney and Honolulu

Australian Airline, Qantas is now offering passengers individual iPads, which can stream over 200 hours of movies, TV shows, and music. The service is being offered on Qantas’s 16 Boeing 767 aircraft, which fly between Sidney and Honolulu. Unlike most airlines, which offer premium services only to Business and First class passengers, Qantas offers iPad service to passengers in all classes. We had already spoken about Qantas offering Wifi connectivity on their A380 aircraft. Entertainment programs will be streamed directly to the iPads using the aircraft’s inflight entertainment technology, Q Streaming, which uses the plane’s onboard WiFi.

In the next few months, Qantas plans to add newspapers, magazines, business apps, and interactive games to the entertainment portfolio. Along with the iPad, the Boeing 767’s have also been refitted with leather seat covers in business class, new carpeting, lighting, curtains, and cabin dividers.

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