Scary and how – Take a look inside the world’s deepest swimming pool

Polish swimmers are in for a deep treat this autumn. The city of Poland will witness the unveiling of the deepest swimming pool in the world, measured at 45 m depth. Filled with 8,000 cubic metres of water, the DeepSpot will have 27 times more water than in an ordinary 25m pool.

Currently undergoing construction in Msxczonow, a town 40km south-west of capital city Warsaw, the pool will open its doors to all levels of swimmers, including beginners, athletes and professional divers. What’s a unique pool feature, is the “underwater tunnel for spectators” especially designed for non-swimmers.

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The colossal pool site will also play house to conference and training facilities, along with hotel rooms with views of the pool interiors.

FlySpot has been behind the pool construction, a popular indoor skydiving simulator in Warsaw West County. Unfortunately for the Polish folk, DeepSpot will only hold the world record for around six months before the Blue Abyss, a 50m pool in the UK, opens.

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