For millionaires on a vacation, this service will provide seaplanes that will land right next to your anchored yachts

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When you fly private and go sailing in a superyacht, you obviously cannot struggle with everything between the two. Wheels Up Experience announced a new strategic partnership and investment in Tropic Ocean Airways, the world’s largest amphibious airline, to bridge the gap of minor inconveniences and make the luxe experiences seamless. Lee Applbaum of Wheels Up shared with Forbes the collaboration brings to the table first- to last-mile travel solutions for its members and customers in Florida, the Northeastern United States, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

Via Facebook / @Wheels Up

Clients can directly book and pay for travel on Tropic Ocean flights through their standard Wheels Up booking channels. “We believe people are starting to care more about ‘traveling well’ than just being ‘well-travelled,” stated Applbaum. He added, “It’s not necessarily only about the number of stamps in your passport or how many trips you take,” he continues. “It’s the quality of the trips that you take—the aircraft you fly, the resorts you stay at, the yacht that you charter, the food that you eat, the wine that you drink—that people are really starting to look for companies like ours to provide.”

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Via Facebook / @Wheels Up

Tropic Ocean CEO Rob Ceravolo stated, “This partnership will also help us extend the reach of our existing products, invest in our operational capabilities, and expand our offerings to more places and more service types.” Slowly but surely, the collaboration will expand to additional markets in the United States and the Caribbean. For now, the clients within Tropic Ocean’s current coverage area can benefit from the service.

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