Standing 30 storeys tall – China has built the worlds largest and scariest swing

Let’s face it, we all want life to dull down a bit! 2020 has started to look like it is out for revenge with COVID-19 bringing the world to its knees, cyclones, earthquakes, an asteroid as large as the Empire State Building coming our way, protests, and rallies happening around. We really would love the mundaneness of our everyday lives to return; the dullness of our lives that we survived with friends and family seems more desirable now than ever before. However for thrill-seekers of a different, amusing kind, a super swing in Yunyang Longgang Scenic Spot in Chongqing, China could be something they may like to visit in the future. The extreme ride consists of a 328ft tall arch and a 354ft tall launching tower. This most exhilarating post-lockdown ride is built on the edge of a 2,300-foot-tall cliff and can apply to win the title of the world’s largest swing. Guinness world records, the current tallest swing in the world measures 88 meters and is found in B!g Rush in Durban, South Africa. This swing can literally swing you out with a top speed of 80 miles per hour. I have experienced the famous Nevis Swing in Queenstown and that was quite crazy; this one apparently packs twice the thrill, leaving even the Glenwood Canyon Cliff Swing in the United States behind.

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The super swing consists of a 100-meter-tall arch tower with a diameter of up to 91.5 meters. The swing can be scary and safety can be a concern but you should know that structural steel along with seamless welding and anti-thunder and anti-electric features can withstand a lot of hazard with ease. It can easily face a magnitude of 10 earthquakes and level 14 typhoons. The ride is expected to officially open on 30th June in China. Going to China is taking a bigger risk than mounting this scary super swing.

[Via – CGTN]

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