Still fancy a tan in Sicily? These 6.5′ feet plexiglass cubicles are an Italian company’s answer to a safe beach life during the Coronavirus pandemic

The world planned and combatted coronavirus; many are still engaged in the ongoing coronavirus battle but in some parts of the world Coronavirus cases are finally stabilizing. Italy was one of the worst hit countries with more than 172,000 cases of the disease confirmed across the country and more than 22,000 deaths which comprised the world’s highest death toll. Italy has already started planning its course for days that are intended to be spent all day on a beach in a virus-free Italy, albeit with precautions. After several weeks of lockdown, the government is mulling how and when to restore some normality. Especially with temperatures starting to heat up across Europe, Italy is already planning how to get people back to the beach. This won’t happen overnight but one cant ignore the fact that holidaymakers normally flock to Italy’s pristine beaches at this time of year. A company called Nuova Neon Group 2, who are planning to produce plexiglass booths, so that Italians can still enjoy time at the beach. Other solutions that have cropped up are spacing of the umbrellas to the sanitisation of the equipment to the medical certification. Clearly they are not as wild and confining as installing transparent, plexiglass cubicles along the shore where people can sunbathe in safety.

Sketches reveal the cubicles to be 4.5 metres wide with 2-metre tall walls.It will be big enough to fit two sun lounges and an umbrella. The cubicles can be made of any size and shape; several can be joined together to house multiple people though that does go against the idea of social distancing. Italy’s tourism industry has taken a bad hit and 2020 can be written off but for a near future this does seem like a plausible solution, no matter how many laugh it off today. We need to gear up for a new normal.

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[Via: Mirror]

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