Parking bays in London get a glamorous facelift courtesy artist Simon Claridge

Artist Simon Claridge has taken London’s parking spaces from so-so to oh-so-stylish. He has given the parking bays near Oxford Street a stunning facelift, albeit with an iconic twist. Now icons in themselves, these parking bays are underground spaces montaged over by Claridge’s signature portraits of celebrated individuals such as Kate Moss, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and David Bowie.

The installation is a result of the collaboration between Claridges and the Italian car company, Alfa Romeo, which the artist is known to admire. “I’m a big Alfa fan; my first car was an Alfa Romeo and I’ve always loved their blend of elegance and performance. When I started working on this project, I knew immediately that these spaces had to be about style icons.” Even the color scheme imitates the black-white-grey-red of the car’s special edition, Giulietta Collezione creation, and has Simon’s signature ‘Diamond Dust’ finish.

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The artwork with faces “from the worlds of music, fashion or the silver screen” went on showcase August 22nd and will last a limited time. But while it does, patrons seeking spots at the Q-Park facility avail a 50% discount, however speedy their exits and entrances. Now you know where to go when in the mood to park, in style.

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[Via – Demagazine UK]