When a flamboyant prince from Qatar’s ruling family had his $500,000 “glow in the dark” Lamborghini Aventador was impounded by the London police

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The historic FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar has brought a lot of attention to the small country in the Middle East and its ruling family, the House of Thani, who enforced a total ban on the sale of alcohol at World Cup stadiums just hours before the tournament began. With an estimated net worth of more than $330 billion dollars, the family of Qatari royals loves to live an extravagant life, splurging on things like VIP aircraft, ultra-luxurious yachts, and even a major soccer club. The younger members of the al-Thani family are more attracted to rare and highly-desirable automobiles. 31-year-old Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al is one of them who owns one of the most exclusive supercar collections in the world.

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These young Qatari royals travel to London during the summer season every year with a fleet of some of the most exotic supercars. While car lovers enjoy catching a glimpse of rare automobiles, the sheiks sometimes get into trouble with the law thanks to their antics. A little less than a decade ago, a unique Lamborghini Aventador belonging to Nasser Al Thani from the Royal Family of Qatar was impounded in London and faced the possibility of being crushed.

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The incident took place in 2013 when Nasser Al Thani had traveled to London during the peak supercar season with his highly customized Lamborghini Aventador. The supercar featured a Liberty Walk LB Performance body from Japan along with ADV.1 wheel delivered from the US. Additionally, it also wore a fancy license plate that only read “420000.” But what made this Lambo truly unique was its chrome purple color that was contrasted with glow-in-the-dark orange lining, making the supercar look like a prop from the famous sci-fi movie Tron.

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Nasser was out on a spin in his custom Aventador when he was stopped by the London police. Apparently, the Qatari prince was driving without a valid license and he failed to produce insurance papers for the $500,000 supercar. Despite belonging to one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the world, Nasser Al Thani wasn’t able to stop his Aventador from being impounded and towed away in a flatbed.

Via Youtube / @asb_447

There was even the possibility of the supercar being crushed by the authorities but Nasser was able to make a deal with the British tax authority to insure the supercar and save it from being destroyed.

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