A personal Concorde for a time-pressed billionaire, this supersonic private jet has a whisper quiet cabin, an emergency ejection system, and can fly from New York to London by the time its owner binge-watches five episodes of Friends.

NASA recently announced that the X-59 supersonic jet has successfully completed its Flight Readiness Review, marking an important step towards the revolutionary aircraft’s first flight. But before the experimental aircraft takes to the skies for the first time, let’s have a look at another interesting supersonic jet concept that features some really cool technologies to overcome the issues of sonic boom, efficiency, emissions, and heat resistance at supersonic speeds. Designed by Spanish designer Oscar Vinals, the SZZ Superb “ZunZún” is a supersonic jet concept that is named after a species of hummingbird that is found in Cuba and the Bahamas. Unlike the Sky OV and Sky Magnetar concept created by Vinals, the ZunZun has been conceived as a private jet that can reach a maximum speed of Mach 2.2 (~1688mph). The designer says it could be “Tony Stark’s private jet.”

The SZZ Superb “ZunZún” features a very unique design with a flat and wide fuselage that appears to resemble Australia’s egg-laying mammal Platypus. It also has sweptback wings and a long nose, which makes it very different from the current generation of private jets. The propulsion system of the concept includes the combination of two hybrid turbofan engines and a pair of ramjet engines for supersonic speeds.

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The hybrid electric plasma jet engines will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells and manganese-hydrogen batteries at the bottom of the fuselage. Interestingly, all the engines are located inside the aircraft’s fuselage like modern fighter jets, which could make the business jet very quiet. Furthermore, the jet will be made using special materials to reduce turbofan exhaust noise during the flight and take-off.

The long nose of the aircraft is designed to help mitigate sonic boom in combination with the aircraft’s canards, special rear diffuser, and the fuselage’s shape. However, it also houses all the necessary sensors, along with a Lidar and a thermo-electric generator to recharge the onboard battery. The jet also has plasma actuators that help control the airflow over the fuselage to reduce drag and increase performance. an intelligent AI system will autonomously manage the actuators, while the glow from the plasma units will give the jet a cool look in the dark.

According to Vinals, the supersonic business jet will have a cruising speed of around Mach 1.7 (~1300mph) while flying at an altitude of 18,000 meters above sea level. This will help it fly from Paris to New York in just 3 hours, while the flight from New York to Sydney will only take 7.5 hours. Vinals claims the aircraft will have a range of around 18,500km (~11,500 miles), helping it fly from one continent to another without making fuel stops. Interestingly, the Airbus A350-900ULR can fly up to 9,700 nautical miles (18,000 kilometers) non-stop, which is further than any other commercial aircraft. The designer says the long-range and supersonic speeds won’t come at the expense of passenger comfort.

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The interior renderings reveal a very familiar cabin design. However, the flat shape of the fuselage results in a wider cabin, opening up a lot of room on the inside. Vinals says the business jet will be able to accommodate up to 11 passengers and 3 crew members.

How the EERS safety system will function.

Another interesting feature of the ZunZún concept is its EERS safety system (Emergency Ejection & Rescue System), which will protect the passengers and the crew in the event of an emergency. Activating the system will detach the passenger module of the fuselage from the propulsion unit and bring it back safely to the ground with the help of a parachute. The SZZ Superb “ZunZún” is just a concept design, but we hope the aircraft makes it to production someday.

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