The Eiffel Tower has a scary new glass floor and selfie lovers lining up!

Arguable the world’s most famous monument: the Eiffel tower has long since been associated with romance and fantasy. Now however, a $38.4 million renovation has now put the well-known tower on the map for thrill seekers and adventurous souls. The first floor of the tower has recently been fitted with a glass floor, creating a whole new range of photo opportunities for snap-happy tourists. The renovation was inaugurated by Mayor Anne Hidalgo and includes the addition of solar panels and the opening of a museum that describes the tower’s history.

eiffel-tower-glass-floor-2The first floor of the tower is at a vertiginous height of nearly 200 feet above the ground and the glass floors give tourists the wonderful (and scary) sensation of walking on air, a worthwhile compensation especially for those visitors who are unable to visit the top of the tower due to crowding or time constraints. Last year alone, nearly seven million people visited the site.

eiffel-tower-glass-floor-3Of course, the new attraction has resulted in some pretty cool photographs and hilarious poses. Some selfie loving travelers are twisting themselves into pretzels on the glass floor trying to snap the perfect picture. But considering the many awkward pose ideas we’ve already listed down for our next trip to Paris, we’ll give the selfie snappers a free pass.

[Via – Boston]

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