Forget being crammed, these are 5 of the most luxurious airline bathrooms. From walk-in showers to designer amenities to full-length mirrors you will actually not want to leave one.

Image via - Emirates, Flickr - Daniel Gillaspia

What is it about airlines that you like the most? First-class cabins, first-rate food, inflight entertainment? The most forgettable aspect of flying in an aircraft is the loos. Perhaps, because most people avoid using the compact, claustrophobic space and deal with their business before they embark on their journey, however, that cannot be said for the lavish loos outfitted in the humongous A380 aircraft. The first-class suites are the largest, most spacious, and best-appointed seats in the sky, and the same luxuries are extended to their washrooms. The terse enclosing of common restrooms is replaced with an ample room with a separate washbasin, and changing areas are often separated from the lavatory area. Listed below are five of the most luxurious airline loos that look nothing like it:

Photo via – Singapore Airlines

5. Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines has set a new benchmark for luxuries in the sky with its game-changing A380 first-class suite. The bathroom flaunts not one but two roomy areas. One features a sit-down ottoman, and a full-size vanity occupies the second area.

Photo via – Singapore Airlines

Like no other in the world, the vanity is accompanied by a padded stool, a smaller mirror, plus a full-length mirror. The washbasin behind is stocked with Lalique amenities.

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Photo via – Etihad.

4. Etihad Airways:
Inside Etihad Airways’ “First Apartment,” located on select Airbus A380 routes, lies a toilet that will leave you questioning the services of the last spa you visited. From soothing mood lighting and Le Labo toiletries such as Le Labo bottles of shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, and body lotion, you can expect the whole hog. For a full five minutes, flyers can rejuvenate under the shower of hot water and soak their senses, especially on long-haul flights.

Photo via – Lufthansa

3. Lufthansa:
German design firm Mueller/Romca designs the massive Lufthansa’s superjumbos loos. The loos look simple yet elegant, with a square sink, recessed lighting, and a good dose of premium products like La Prairie creams. A low padded bench makes it more comfortable for guests to change clothes while the touch of rose gives a fresh feel and smells so good! A full-height divider disjoins the WC from the rest of the washroom.

Photo via – Lufthansa

The USP is how the men’s urinal is tucked away from the prevalent view ensuring the space remains cleaner and the women happier.

Photo via – Qatar Airways

2. Qatar Airways:
From leather-lined benches wide as a chaise longue, a concealed toilet, LED-lit mirrors, and mood lighting, the washrooms in Qatar Airways First Class will put a five-star to shame. A ‘waterfall’ tap occupies the large washbasin, while a separate full-length mirror helps make the space look even more extensive and brighter. They come pretty close to Lufthansa’s luxe experience where opulence is concerned.

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Photo via – Emirates

1. Emirates:
Flying Emirates is one of the best experiences on any aircraft. Still, to experience their full five-star potential, hop on an Emirates A380 flight where the experience is more glamorous than ever. The 14 first-class suites on the upper deck are accompanied by two shower spas that are considered the most luxurious service at an altitude of 35,000 feet. As soon as you ascend the upper deck stairs, the shower spa welcomes you. They are marked as shower spas, but access is highly restrictive.

Photo via – Emirates

The spas are covered with light-hued laminate wood paneling and fitted with a sink, vanity, and mirrors. For comfort, flyers have cushioned benches, hangers to hang clothes, and a walk-in shower. Among the many toiletries in the vanity is an assortment of Voya products island; additional items include a shaving kit, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, and more. The first-class shower spas also have various mesmerizing Bulgari products to freshen you up.

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