The next best thing after a lullaby – Guests can fall asleep counting cats at this trendy Osaka hostel

In a bizarre turn of events, a hostel in Osaka lets guests fall asleep while counting cats. We have heard of some sleeping techniques like counting backward, doing a brain dump, 4-7-8 breathing exercise, and more but none included counting actual cats. Whether it works well to put one to sleep or not is another story but this rescue cat cafe is deemed a haven for those wishing to escape our current harsh reality amid the pandemic. Called Neko Hatago, the hostel includes eight dormitory rooms modeled after lodging for travelers in the pre-modern Edo Period (1603-1868) where guests can watch cats from the cafe through a window installed by each bedside. Cat-lovers who don’t have their own pet cat can come here to try their hand at cleaning and feeding the cats before and after the cafe’s opening hours; or close the curtains of their eyes to the sound of the felines meowing after 10 pm. The hostel aims to bring cat euthanization down to zero and works with local groups to find new owners for rescue cats. Their collective efforts have rehomed as many as 16 cats so far.

Unfortunately, business is not as good as pre-pandemic days when many foreign travelers paid the cat hostel a visit. For now, the place is persisting due to local residents, and walk-ins. Keeping preventive coronavirus measures in mind, the hostel permits only one party to stay per day. Reservations can be made on the official website of the hostel, which also plans to sell vouchers that can be used for future accommodation.

[Via: The Japan Times]

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