Japan is making a Ferris wheel that will dwarf the London eye

The earth is planning to become a huge playground for the Martians, it may seem. Just a few days back we heard about Ferrari planning its fourth theme park in North America. Across the seas, in Asia, Japan is in the news today for its tallest yet Ferris wheel – Redhorse Osaka Wheel, which will also be the fifth tallest in the world. At 405 ft high, it will be three times the height of the London Eye! Plenty of surprises in this one, though – the main being its 72 passenger cabins with transparent, glass floors. The Ferris wheel will be set up in Osaka’s Expocity, the Expo 70 Commemorative Park which will start this July.

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Japan is no stranger to Ferris wheels. They already have 10 of the world’s 31 tallest. While this is being discussed, other such projects are also under going discussions – like a bar on the sting of a canyon in Mexico, a glass slide surface for the Los Angeles US Financial Institution Tower and some ‘statement decks’ in places like the Grand Canyon, and London’s Tower Bridge.

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The Redhorse Osaka Wheel is expected to take an 18-minute complete rotation, to be able to enjoy the Banpaku Park and its pleasant surroundings.

[ Via : Foxnews ]

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