Montblanc celebrates 110 years with exclusive collections, including a $1.36 million pen

Anniversaries galore, it seems. Vespa has turned 70. Singapore turning 50. And Montblanc turning 110. For all these milestones, there is a need for celebration, and Montblanc is ‘returning to its beginning’ and ‘reimagining one of its first product lines’. There is a series of special edition products launched. A significant one is Montblanc Heritage Collection, Rouge & Noir, Special Edition and Limited Edition 1906. In 1909 the ‘Rouge et Noir’ was launched, the pen brand’s first fountain-pen series. For the 110th anniversary this gets resurrected in a contemporary style – thinner and longer and using a modern piston technology.

Another series that is launched includes a serpent-themed range of products – cuff links, a tie bar, bracelet and a pen – the Ultimate Serpent Limited Edition 1. The pen is priced at a staggering $1.36 million, and for good reason, as it is crafted using rose gold and set with dark blue sapphires and diamonds. The serpent represents desire, power and mystery as well as a powerful symbol of rebirth and renewal – which were highlighted during the Art Deco and Art Noveau periods. A set of luxury bags – Anniversary Steamer Bag is another unique piece of this celebration saga. This style of luggage was ‘originally designed to accompany larger trunks for sea voyages aboard the great Atlantic Ocean liners’. The red serpent stands proud in the bag’s luggage tag.

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