This $600 million superyacht has the largest pool of any yacht in the world!

From Lürssen Yachts comes the largest superyacht ever created in terms of tonnage. The custom-built yacht is a 512 ft. behemoth boasting a gross tonnage of 15,917t. The spacious vessel has an astonishing seven decks (with one of them being a teak deck), a steel hull, and an aluminum superstructure. Presumably, this sea beast can accommodate 40 guests and a crew of at least 80. Christened Dilbar, the yacht is owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov.

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“Building Dilbar was a great challenge, and we are proud of this achievement, especially considering the contract time of only 52 months,” said Lürssen Yachts Managing Partner Peter Lürssen. “She truly represents another exceptional milestone in not only our history but in yachting history as well.”
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The exterior design was designer Espen Oeino who gave the superyacht a timeless and elegant look by giving the hull a light ivory color and bronze accents. Meanwhile, Winch Design was credited with creating the interiors using mixes of uncommon and eye-catching materials. The grandeur of this yacht is unmatched. It houses the largest pool built on a yacht, containing 180 cubic m. of water and a faired and painted surface area of 10,000 sq. m.
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Dilbar is estimated to cost around $600 million, and that might seem like a massive amount, but’s only a drop in the ocean of Alisher Usmanov’s fortune. The businessman is the richest man in Russia and the 58th richest man globally, with a net worth of $13.4 billion.
What are the chances of scoring an invite to Usmanov’s next boat party?
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