This glamping Birdbox could be the most scenic AirBnB in the whole of Norway

Experiential Travel is big these days with several hospitality giants looking for ways to cater to the demands of wander-lusters. And unlike others, nailing the brief on point is Livit, an Industrial Design firm in Norway that has recently unveiled the Birdbox – a unique accommodation in the mountains.

Created by Designer -Torstein A, the project is comprised of accommodations that are shaped to look like unique birdboxes. The ingenious structures are built in two sizes, Mini and Medi and feature figural windows that provide awe-inspiring views of the outside world.

Built with environmental sustainability in mind, the birdbox is a form of portable accommodation that can easily be airlifted and mounted on columns for a minimal and reversible footprint in the nature. It requires very little maintenance and is ideally the best way to explore the far-away lands of Norway.

Commenting on it, CEO of Livit, Asbjørn Reksten Stigedal said, ‘Birdboxes will be located across the country where you get a new experience in every place you visit. We are creating an offer where we can showcase our country from its best side where one can experience Norway through Birdbox.’

Birdboxes can currently be booked via Airbnb (in Langeland and Fauske) for tariffs starting at $285 per night. Fancy exploring Norway in style.

[AirBnB Via: Designboom]

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