This concept luxury aircraft designed for scenic tours will offer unobstructed panoramic views

Major tourist destinations across the world which are famous for their natural beauty generally have companies that operate scenic flying tours on helicopters and smaller private aircrafts, but we all know they offer restricted view of the outside through the small windows. A company called Micronautix is developing a small aircraft named ‘Triton’ that will offer a panoramic view of the outside to its passengers. Those of you who follow military news might recognize the name as one of the Navy reconnaissance drones is also named Triton, but this luxury aircraft concept is solely being developed for private use especially for guided scenic tours of popular destinations.

The Triton will be on show at the 2014 Aviation Summit that is being organized in Las Vegas and scheduled for the end of October. The design of the Triton is similar to the carrying aircraft of the Virgin Galactic program and two passenger separate units on each side of the cockpit which can 3 to 5 passengers. The passenger cockpits will offer an unhindered panoramic view to the passengers similar to that of military fighter jets. Though very little information on the luxury amenities on offer have been mentioned by the company but we imagine in addition to basic features, the cockpits will be decked out with premium features to give an enjoyable experience to flyers. The concept was designed to fly over places like the Grand Canyon, Key West, Fla., Hawaii, Lake Tahoe and other beautiful destinations.

[Via – PR-NewsWire]

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