Virgin Holidays just gave London its own luxury treehouse

Londoners seeking a break from the daily grind might be interested to note that Virgin Holidays has built a 35-foot high luxury treehouse on London’s Southbank. The treehouse has been inspired by a Virgin Holidays Wonderlist experience- the Lion Sands Game Reserve treehouse accommodation in South Africa- and features two bedrooms, a private balcony and even a personal chef.

Visitors can check out the treehouse from 10am to 6pm from January 25th to 29th and one lucky winner will score the opportunity to spend the night there courtesy of Virgin Holidays. The winner will get to sample a menu by Masterchef contestant Petrus Madutlela consisting of adventurous items (at least for some) like tempura meal worms with induja mayo, shaved ostrich biltong, braised terrine of crocodile and smoked goat fillet with chakalaka sauce.
treehouse (4)
The treehouse interior has been designed by Hubert Zandberg and features African influences in the choice of prints and décor.
treehouse (1)
Guests will be treated to breathtaking views of London.
treehouse (3)
This might be your only chance to experience a treehouse without ever leaving London! The treehouse installation will only last a week.

[ Via : Dailymail ]

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