Wi-Fi enabled tours offer social media savvy tourists a way to share their travel tales in real time

Isn’t it a source of endless frustration when you’re travelling through a beautiful new city but you can’t upload your pictures to your social pages because of bad cellphone reception or slow internet? We’ve all been there and done that, and now an enterprising South African has come up with a business idea that’ll ensure that you’re travels through Cape Town will be well documented on Instagram and live tweeted in real time, with his new tourism venture titled Escape to the Cape tours. Shaheed Ebrahim is offering Cape Town visitors, tours in wi-fi enabled vehicles to ensure that you can upload your pictures and update your status as and when you want!

Escape to the Cape tours will provide relief to travelers who are usually forced to rely on expensive hotel wi-fi or local cafés for tolerable internet speeds and ensure that they are as connected as they want at all times. And just in case the you were wondering, Ebrahim’s tours will take you to places like Table Mountain and the colorful Bo Kaap district which truly are picture perfect and Instagram-worthy.

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Having won an award for Emerging Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012, Mr. Ebrahim is now turning a profit and developing his business further. We can only hope to have such services available in other major cities across the world.

And while photo-sharing on vacation may not be quite the incentive for all travelers, the benefits of internet connectivity are undeniable. If anything, services like Escape to the Cape will channel all the relentless posers from photography enthusiasts and that’s good enough in our books!

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