Dubai will be home to the world’s biggest beach club, Sirene by GAIA. The sprawling venue will boast a Greek-Mediterranean vibe, featuring swimming pools, cabanas, and 400 sunbeds.

The mantra in Dubai is simple: go big or go home! Fundamental Hospitality will do the former by debuting Sirene by GAIA, the world’s largest beach club. Grandeur, scale, and epicureanism come together to make the 9,000 square meter venue an iconic hotspot that takes the iconic GAIA restaurant brand beachside. Sirene by GAIA in Dubai’s Jumeirah One is touted to be the largest beach club ever built globally when it launches in September 2024. To put the massiveness of Sirene into perspective, the space will house over 400 sunbeds, swimming pools, cabanas, and expansive dining areas. Gastronomes, guests, and travelers will revel in lip-smacking Mediterranean delights curated by GAIA, one of Dubai’s most iconic restaurants.

Source – Arabian Business

The Greek-Mediterranean vibe of GAIA is observed in Sirene, which will welcome guests into a white haven flanked by azure blue waters for a picturesque backdrop and a skyline afforded by few cities around the world. Keeping in mind the milieu and nonchalance of a beach club, Sirene by GAIA will offer sharing plates and larger portions suited for beach days. The charm, service, and experiences of GAIA restaurants attract major celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lewis Hamilton.

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“This year alone, we’re investing over $140 million into the expansion within Dubai and globally. Our plan is to open between 15 to 20 restaurants a year, and we are already planning openings for 2027, 2028, and 2029. Some contracts have been signed; we are opening restaurants in Vegas and Geneva, all around the world,” said Fundamental Hospitality’s founder and CEO, Evgeny Kuzin.”

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