This Italian hotel has the worlds deepest pool which has a terrifying depth of 40 meters or a 12-storey building

This is not your average hotel’s backyard swimming pool. Surpassing Brussels Nemo 33 as the world’s deepest pool, the Y-40 Deep Joy located at the Hotel Terme Millepini in Italy reaches a terrifying depth of 40 meters. That’s equivalent to a 12-storey building or nine double-decker buses piled on top of each other. Let us catch a breath before plunging into details.

Measuring 21x18m, the Y-40 pool has various intermediary depths and caves for technical activities before it becomes a narrow hole-like tunnel as the depths plummet straight down. Designed by architect Emanuele Boaretto, the pool contains 4300mc of thermal water kept at a temperature of between 32-34°C so you can swim and dive in just your normal swimming costume rather than having to wear a wetsuit.

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For non-swimmers, there is a unique transparent tunnel that is suspended underwater to soak in the magnificent views of the man-made lagoon. There is also a sunbathing deck with loungers on the roof. Activities at the pool include scuba diving, free diving, aqua fitness, watsu, hydro-kinesi therapy and exercises for pregnant women.

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The pool has been operating since June. Italian free divers Umberto Pelizzari, and Enzo Maiorca inaugurated the pool. Freediver Ilaria Molinari even dressed as a mermaid to dive down to 40 meters to wow the onlookers.

The four-star Hotel Terme Millepini within the region of Villa Duodo has 100 elegant rooms (starting from $ 250 per person per night) overlooking the green landscape of the Park, cultivated fields as well as the thermal pools.


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