World’s first floating golf course planned for Maldives

In a coastal village in Thailand, many boys were so bored; they formed a football pitch by building planks on the water and growing to become one of the best teams in the nation. It could be the Maldives next, probably inspired by this, to build the world’s first floating golf course. The combined efforts of Waterstudio.NL, Dutch Docklands, and golf course developer Troon Golf plan to launch the zero-footprint solar-powered golf course. The decided area is just five minutes from the airport and will feature an 18-hole golf course, luxurious accommodations overlooking the green fairways and the surrounding reef. The plan is to make the golf course on floating platforms designed to minimize its impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

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The luxury course will also have water cooling, water desalination, and the use of floating solar blanket fields as well as underwater tunnels will connect the holes and facilities together.

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