Cartier Id One Concept Watch looks stunning!

Luxurious products, extremely high ended technology coupled with supreme innovation, and envious designs define concept products. Just like concept cars, which are more often than not farfetched realities, this particular ‘Cartier ID One Concept’ watch made by Cartier is a similar piece of personified luxurious art. Basically intended never to undergo any repairing and regulation after it has been manufactured, the Cartier ID looks stunning housed in a Ballon Bleu case that measures 46mm. It is made of an alloy of Niobium-Titanium (Nb-Ti). Niobium-titanium, apart from looking great, is a highly wear-resistant alloy that has its own unique shock absorption properties that give it an advantage over a material such as steel. Now isn’t that one dazzling piece of ornament for your wrist!

Via – [Designlaunches]

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