Chanel celebrates iconic J12 watch anniversary with an all-sapphire edition costing $626,000

Back in 2000 Chanel shocked the world by creating an all-black beauty in ceramic and changed the face of watches forever. Now 20 years later on the anniversary of the Chanel J12, the luxury house will instill a sense of déjà vu with its latest, all-sapphire version of the Chanel J12. This anniversary year also introduces two other fresh editions carrying the J12 Paradoxe name. The two-tone black and white edition look really sassy and I would surely pick it over the other version that basically is a twin of the original black JJ12 with a dramatic cut of diamonds slicing down the right of its case and dial. The star of the show is definitely the J12 X-Ray that comes in a see-through sapphire case and sapphire movement. There’s so much sapphire in this watch, even the plate, timer bridge, cog bridge, and minute strap links are all made of it. It’s a fascinating watch with details like baguette-cut diamond indicators, giving the illusion of 12 diamonds perfectly balanced in a state of suspension.

Love how the Chanel J12 X-Ray rejects the need for color and wins with transparency. It is a very technically-difficult watch to make which is why it will be limited to just 12 pieces and understandably priced at $626,000.

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