Only in Dubai – A businessman dropped his $70,000 Rolex into the ocean during a yacht party. The police sent a unit of deep-sea divers who recovered the precious timepiece in under 30 minutes.

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The Dubai police just turned hero for an Emirati national as they daringly retrieved his Rolex watch worth Dhs250,000 (nearly $70,000) from waters off Palm Jumeirah.I don’t know about other timepieces, but hard-to-get Rolexes are indeed worth saving. A group of friends was celebrating the momentous occasion of Eid with a yacht party against the stunning Dubai backdrop. Their merriment turned into mayhem as a party-goer’s expensive Rolex watch went overboard into the azure waters of Palm Jumeirah.

Without wasting any time, the group immediately contacted Dubai Police, who sent a rescue dive unit to search for the prized possession. Barely 30 minutes into the quest, the police unit combed the ocean floor and emerged victorious with the precious Rolex in hand. This isn’t the first time the police have helped someone distressed on the Palm Jumeirah waters. Last year, the Dubai Police maritime rescue patrols rescued a family after their yacht broke down in the middle of the sea due to a technical glitch near Palm Jumeirah.

Colonel Dr. Hassan Suhail Al Suwaidi, Director of Ports Police Station, said, “The station, which has nine marine points across Dubai, immediately responded to the call and handled the situation with extreme finesse and professionalism.” They certainly know their job well, and these stories are proof.

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