Hublot scores with a limited-edition Premier League version of the Big Bang e connected watch

When the best watchmaker in the world and the best league in the world come together to design a watch, the result is an extraordinary match. Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot is now the official timekeeper of the Premier League with a limited-edition version of the Big Bang e connected watch. The premier league’s iconic purple color is adapted to this limited-edition timepiece, complete with a dedicated application, new dial, and new strap in purple. Limited to only 200 pieces, this Hublot Big Bang e connected watch comes with a slew of features that amp the Premier League fan experience. Launch the Hublot Loves Football Premier League app to open a world of Premier League animated alerts, match kick-off times (15 minutes before the game starts), goals, penalties, substitutions, yellow and red cards, and time added on. The smartwatch realizes your passion for the game, so it automatically switches to “Match Mode” when the game begins. The watch also makes it possible to switch between two ongoing games with a simple screen tap. Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO, says, “In these challenging times, football continues to be a source of much-needed joy all over the world. Hublot loves football and continues to partner with the game’s greatest competitions. It’s our privilege to introduce the Hublot Big Bang e connected watch, a connected watch designed to bring passionate fans even closer to the world’s most-watched league. Hublot is really proud to be working with the Premier League and to be creating memorable experiences for people who love watches and love football.”

The lightweight, limited edition watch powered by Wear OS by Google will come in a unique version, especially for Premier League referees, and will not be commercially available. This version is even more lightweight than the original and is outfitted with additional functions such as goal-line technology that signal the referee when the ball has crossed the line. José Mourinho, Head Coach, Tottenham Hotspur, mentions, “As a Hublot ambassador for many years, I can say that I am extremely proud to wear this magnificent watch that will bring fans of our league closer to the game. I’m even more proud to see Hublot and the Premier League come together – the best watchmaker in the world and the best league in the world. It’s a special match.” The 42 mm Big Bang e Premier League watch is available to buy on, and the price is available on request.

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