Hublot’s first pop-up store comes up in Singapore

Coinciding with the Singapore Grand Prix, Hublot unveiled its first pop-up store that will run from September 14 to September 23 at the main atrium of the Paragon Shopping Mall. Hublot being the official sponsor of the FIA Formula 1, it is a perfect way to kick of Grand Prix mood in the sophisticated city. The pop-up store will feature some of the never before seen timepieces and other offerings from Hublot, all coming to cost around $20 million in the store. The $5 million Big Bang will make its first appearance here including the $1.2 million Big Bang and the BabyBig Bang (part of the royal million trio). The store will also feature all black carbon fiber bicycle, all black skis, all black carbon fiber armchair amongst many other goodies.

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The store is also offering a handful of choice options giving customers a chance to choose their straps from a collection of over 150 as well as offering a 2-year international warranty. The store has been designed by Chris Lee and takes inspiration from an enigmatic thinking with an imagined cosmos; magically solid yet porous and structurally monumental yet light.

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